Design Review Submittal Process


The SouthPark Owners Association has a set of Development Guidelines that are designed to ensure a high-quality and consistent environment. Alterations and improvements to any building or building site requires prior, written approval from SouthPark.

The Architectural Development Control Committee (ADCC) or the Ridge Architectural Control Committee (RADCC) will review the submittal. The committee's are made up of volunteer's and paid consultants with backgrounds in construction, landscape architectural, building architecture and civil engineering.

If you desire to alter or improve your building or site, the following procedure should be followed:


1. You are encouraged to review, or have your architect or contractor review, the Design Guidelines for SouthPark prior to making your submittal. The Design Guidelines can be found on this website for the three geographic areas of South Park - Campus/Plaza, Hilltop and Ridge. A complete submittal is essential for a timely response.

2. The property owner must complete and return the Review Fee Acknowledgement & Agreement.

3. The property owner must submit an initial Review Fee Deposit in an amount from $500.00 to $2,000.00, depending on the project. Contact SouthPark for the specific amount. If the review fee deposit is insufficient to cover all costs incurred, an additional deposit will be required prior to receiving a final decision from either the ADCC or the RADCC. Conversely, any excess funds will be returned to the property owner. Checks should be made payable to the SouthPark Owners Association, Inc. 

4. The submittal may be made electronically (preferred method), however SouthPark does require two hard-copies for the corporate file. If you do not want to submit electronically, you will need to submit eight (8) hard copies for distribution. 

5. You may request a meeting with either the ADCC or the RADCC to review/discuss your submittal. Please allow 7-10 days for your information to be reviewed prior to the meeting. 

6. After review of your submittal, the ADCC or the RADCC will provide you with a written response approving/disapproving your submittal and detailing any non-compliant issues as they relate to the Design Guidelines. 

7. Prior to any full submittal and incurring cost related thereto, you may request a preliminary meeting with the ADCC or the RADCC to see if your conceptual plan is likely to be acceptable to SouthPark. A $500.00 Review Fee Deposit is required.

8. If you proceed to construction or alteration, you will be required to receive final, written acceptance from the ADCC or RADCC upon completion of your project. Upon notice from you that the project is complete, the respective committee will make an inspection and provide a written response. Deficiencies are to be corrected within thirty (30) days.